Russian Collusion Unmasked

February 22, 2018

The panel discusses the Mueller indictments and how it relates to scripture.  We cover Politics and Prophecy in this broadcast with a little bit of culture war thrown in.


The Lord is my light

February 19, 2018

Pastor Steve teaches from Psalms 27 on how to be bold in dark times.


Is America in the Bible?

February 15, 2018

In this show, the panel discusses the three ways people view America as she appears in scripture. 

1. Not in the Bible at all

2. An enemy of God

3. A nation blessed by God for his purposes



February 12, 2018

Pastor Steve teaches out of Matthew 25 on faithfulness.  Goodness and Faithfulness go together.


Obama’s Indecent Exposure

February 8, 2018

02/08/18 - Obama's Indecent Exposure - YouTube


The Lawless One: EXPOSED.



Hosea 7 A Dual Fulfillment in America

February 5, 2018

Pastor Steve teaches out of Hosea 7 and how we might be seeing this play out in America today.


DACA goes to DC

February 2, 2018

The relaunch of the show in a new, but temporary location.  We discuss the FISA MEMO and the State of the Union.


The Doctrine of the Laying on of Hands

January 29, 2018


Pastor Geoff continues teaching on the foundations of the Christian faith, based on Hebrews 6:1-2.  In this message He shares on the doctrine of laying on of hands.


Transfer of Power

January 22, 2018

Pastor Stan teaches on his two favorite topics, Prophecy and Faith. Beginning in Daniel 7 he points out that the saints take the kingdom. Then to Revelation, where again, the saints take the kingdom. Christians have conditioned themselves to lose. But the word says we will win. These events will happen prophetically, but until then we are preparing for the fulfillment nationally but practice it personally.


There are -no- Absolutes

January 19, 2018

In Defense of a Nation is a weekly program featuring a round table discussion on the intersection of prophecy, politics and the culture war.  In this episode, the panel discusses the final subversion point the left has used to undermine our culture.